Innovative blow molded bottle packaging for Heinz spicy

Innovative blow molded packaging for Heinz

RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz has developed stylish barrier bottle packaging innovation for a new range of spicy ketchups from Heinz.

Heinz Curry Herbal Ketchup and Chilli Curry Herbal Ketchup will give every snack or meal – whether French fries, sausages, pasta or sandwiches – an additional ‘kick.’ Even simple noodles can be transformed immediately into spicy ‘pasta á la curry’ – and all without the need for additives, artificial colorings or preservatives.

For this piquant innovation RPC Kutenholz provided substantial assistance with the packaging design of the 700 ml blow molded bottle, whose design enables consumers to enjoy every last drop, including the option to store on its head if desired.
Heinz new bottle packaging from RPC Kutenholz for a new line of spicy ketchups

A winning appearance is ensured through the bottle’s slender curves and full sleeve decoration, but it has also been developed to maintain the great taste of the ketchup, thanks to an integrated oxygen barrier that protects the content through the entire shelf-life of the product.