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Natural & Synthetic Polymers:

Agro-based Polymers

Agro-based polymers are made from renewable natural sources of various kind. Agrobased polymer diagramCarbonhydrates, saccharides, starch and oils can be converted into materials with properties comparable to plastic derived from mineral oil. Several production options are possible like: extraction of the native monomer from plants, by chemical processes, by fermentation. Many of these polymers are biodegradable which make them suited for various applications where this is an important aspect. Typical examples are consumable food trays, compostable bags and surgical implantates and surgical threads. In these cases the combination of the degradebility and the initial properties offer unique features. With a few exceptions the polymers can be processed with conventional equipment. Due to the degradebility they are often sensitive for thermal degradation and should not be heated above recommended temperatures. The renewable polymers are produced on a relatively small scale. This means that the price per kg is higher than its competitors. In the upcoming two or three years the production will increase substantially thus reducing the price to more acceptable levels.


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