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Class 2 wood: durable (CEN EN)

Category Summary

These wood species can withstand degredation by wood-destroying and maintain their structural integrity for at least 10 years up to 25 years without treatment. Their natural protection against these organisms give untreated wood products of these species a service life of up to 25 years. This classification is specified in European norm EN350. Norm EN350-1 describes the methods of testing and how the natural durability of wood species is determined. EN350-2 lists all wood species of importance used in Europe. This classification only applies to heartwood. Sapwood almost always classifies as not durable.

Category Details


  • Tough
  • High resistance to wood-destroying fungi
  • Servicelife between 10 and 25 years without treatment


  • Natural composite: lignin matrix with cellulose fiber reinforcement
  • Polymer matrix composite
  • Wood
  • Class 4 wood - durable

Classification Sources


Idemat 2003



Known health effects for this category.


No knwon health issues for untreated wood.


Known environmental effects for this category.

  • Some treatment may be needed to increase its servicelife
  • After it's servicelife untreated wood is easy to recycle recycled or can serve as fuel. The energy capacity is listed per wood specie when available. Treated wood may be less suitable to recycle or serve as fuel