Sustainable Design Examples

RoboScooter - Clean, Green Mobility For Todays Crowded Cities


The RoboScooter is a lightweight, folding, electric motor scooter. It is designed to provide convenient, inexpensive mobility in urban areas while radically reducing the negative effects of extensive vehicle use - road congestion, excessive consumption of space for parking, traffic noise, air pollution, carbon emissions that exacerbate global warming, and energy use. It is clean, green, silent, and compact.

The unique design of the RoboScooter is the outcome of a collaboration involving SYM (Sanyang Motors), ITRI (Taiwas Industrial Technology Research Institute), and the Smart Cities group of the MIT Media Laboratory, led by Professor William J. Mitchell.

The final show-quality prototype was presented at the Milan Motor show on November 6-9th, 2007.


0b) Shared use of product
5b) Clean energy source
5d) Clean consumables during use

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