Sustainable Design Examples

OV-fiets: a fast and easy rental bike

OV-fiets is a bike rental service that is part of the Dutch public transport ('OV-fiets' means 'public transport bicycle'). The OV-fiets is an ideal means to cover the distance between the railway station and the office.

Hiring an OV-fiets is fast and easy and makes for a comfortable continuation of your journey. No more need to rush to catch a connection or wait in draughty bus shelters. Instead, you will enjoy the freedom of the OV-fiets: the bikes are available at most stations, at the moment about 100 railway stations have an OV-fiets hire service and this number is increasing rapidly.

To collect an OV-fiets you must show your enabled NS annual season card (NS Voordeelurenabonnement, NS-Jaarkaart, OV-Jaarkaart, OV-studentenkaart) or separate OV-fiets membership card at any OV-fiets hire service in the Netherlands. You can collect your bike without waits or hold-ups as all time-consuming actions have been computerized. It will only take a minute to collect your bike.

Because a season card from the Dutch National Railways is needed and a subscribtion fee needs to be paid, the OV-fiets is a facility for frequent users, not for tourists.

OV-fiets is a service of ProRail (Railtrack) in collaboration with NS (Dutch Railways), Fietsersbond (Cyclists Union) and several public authorities.


0a) Dematerialisation
0b) Shared use of product
5b) Clean energy source