Sustainable Design Examples

BagGlobe: Bag recycling for and by consumers


The BagGlobe is intended for use by environmentally-aware but slightly forgetful supermarket customers who get to the checkout and only then realise that they have left their shopping bags at home.

A Dutch consumer was irritated by the large numbers of plastic shopping bags which people have lying around at home waiting to be thrown away. She therefore devised an exchange system involving a bin near the supermarket entrance in which customers can dump their excess bags for use by their forgetful counterparts. If this form of recycling causes just a 5% reduction in the many millions of plastic bags provided by shops, the saving will be equivalent to more than 14 million bags. This would have a tremendously beneficial effect on the environment, from both the production and waste processing perspectives, and would also increase the environmental awareness of consumers. Over the past six months, trials of the BagGlobe have been carried out in a number of different supermarkets in the Netherlands. The supermarket manager of one of the country’s largest chains is said to be ‘wildly enthusiastic’. Belgian supermarkets have also started showing an interest in the environmental and customer-oriented benefits of the BagGlobe.

0b) Shared use of product
7a) Reuse of produc

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